Abuget Cup 2016


Abuget Cup is a Street Fighter V tournament that is part of Capcom Pro Tour Circuit. Winners will get $2000 total prize money and the champion will be sent to Capcom Pro Tour Asia Final Qualifier in Seoul, South Korea for a chance at a spot in Capcom Cup 2016.


1. japan24 HM|Eita (Ken)
2. japan24 HM|GO1 (Chun-Li)
3. malaysia24 VS FV|Kofmaster (F.A.N.G)
4. japan24 RB|Bonchan (Nash)
5. japan24 YOUDEAL|yukadon (Nash)
5. indonesia24 Shamwow (Chun-Li)
7. malaysia24 VS FV|IamChuan (Guile)
7. malaysia24 VS FV|Shaunw (Juri)

9. indonesia24 CG|Arreyvan (M. Bison)
9. malaysia24 VS FV|Endy (F.A.N.G)
9. indonesia24 Aron Manurung (Nash, Vega)
9. indonesia24 Kontoru (Dhalsim)
13. indonesia24 Axses|Cahyanto (Laura)
13. indonesia24 Dion Pakyon (Guile)
13. thailand24 TGU|MindRPG (M. Bison, Necalli)
13. indonesia24 susubabi (R. Mika, Ryu)


As part of CPT circuit, Abuget Cup will follow CPT Rules (found here), unless specified otherwise below:
– Platform used is Playstation 4.
– Double elimination bracket, 2 out of 3 games until top 8, and then 3 out of 5 in top 8 up to grand finals.
– All DLC characters are allowed.
– Legacy controllers are allowed, but players need to bring his own DS4 controller and data cable to activate them.
– Kanzuki Beach stage is banned.
– Training room is not permitted to be picked. However, if it is chosen after picking random stage, it is OK.


Catch the action at www.twitch.tv/beastapac


1 PM: Pool A – Pool D
2 PM: Pool E – Pool H

4 PM: Top 16 – Grand Finals




1st: USD 1500 + ticket and accommodation to CPT Asia-Oceania Regional Qualifier in Seoul, South Korea
2nd: USD 350
3rd: USD 150