1. Individual, no blackman or helper
2. No separate categories
3. Performance duration 2 minutes max
4. Jury will comment on each performance
5. Audio format: uncompressed WAV
6. No video background


1. Competition is open to all ages and nationalities
2. Cosplay is limited to video game characters only
3. Characters that are not originated from a video game but have video game versions are permitted (e.g. Batman from Arkham Knight, Ultraman Fighting Evolution, Shingeki no Kyoujin from the PS4 game, etc)
4. Any game from any country is allowed
5. Confetti, powder, liquid, pyro are not allowed
6. Metal weapons, sharp weapons, and firearms are not allowed as props


1. Costume: 60% (quality, neatness, creativity, make up)
2. Stage Performance: 40% (expression, stage mastery, timing)


1st place: Rp 3,000,000 cash + CGCC trophy
2nd Place: Rp 1,000,000 cash + CGCC trophy
3rd Place: Rp 500,000 cash + CGCC trophy


1. Lim, Cosplayer & Costume Maker – Diablo
2. Momo Chan, Cosplayer Idol – LoveLive

Contact person:
Bobby: +62 896 9079 7404
Whatsapp only; Mon-Sat, 08:00-21:00