Shiversteel Vainglory League Indonesia Autumn Season 2016

Game Version & Device

Tournament will be run using the latest version of Vainglory.
Players are required to use their own devices. The devices have to be in stable condition.
Devices have to be in “Airplane Mode” with wi-fi active, and in “Do Not Disturb” mode (or equivalent) active. Any interferences within the device will be the players own risk and match will not be stopped

Game Rules

Teams will compete on 3v3 matches with all team members present.
Map: Halcyon Fold, Vainglory
Sets are best of 3 games until grand final, which will be best of 5 games
Victory is determined by:
– Destroying opponent’s vain crystal
– Opposing team surrenders
– Opposing team is disqualified or withdraws
Organizer can declare victory on unusual circumstances based on organizer’s judgement

Draft Mode

Matches will be played in “Private Draft” mode.
The team that gets the first ban and pick will be determined randomly (e.g.:
Team A will do first ban and pick; vain crystal will be on the left side of the map.
Hero ban is optional.
If Draft Mode is stopped because of any reason, all Heroes that have been locked/picked before Draft stopped will have to be repicked when Draft is restarted, in the same order as before.

Draft akan dilanjutkan dengan pick yang sebelumnya”on the clock” saat Draft tersebut berakhir.


Total prize pool: Rp 3.000.000


Any form of CHEAT/HACK/BUG/SCRIPT will be punished with disqualification without any warning.
Judge’s decision is final.

Technical Problem
Disconnection: Match will continue in the event of disconnection of players.