What’s at JGW




ABUGET CUP International Fighting Game Tournament



National Football Tournament by IFC

International Pokemon Trading Card Game Tournament by pkmn-id


Showcase Area

Artist Alley by r-chie

The talented Richard Suwono will be in Abuget Cup! Don’t miss your chance to snatch his wonderful art.

Arcade Stick Indonesia by Victor WazWuz

Victor Sumantri is a famous custom stick and controller maker from Surabaya, who has enjoyed success even overseas with his products. He is also making Small Arcade Retro cabinet called bartopp.


Youtube Gaming Meet & Greet



Community Booth Area

Retro Gaming by RGCI


Arcade Amusement

Arcade Amusement by MG Electronic, featuring:

  • Neo FM
  • Danz Base
  • Toy Story
  • Luxury Dholpin
  • Maximum Tune 3dx Plus
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Dholpin Star
  • Lovely Train
  • Muzibox